Good To Know (GTK) – 3: How to surf the web in private!

Very good video about how to surf the web in private.
Not having your every move logged by your internet service provider or big companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc..


Just Cool! – 2: Prescan – The total bodyscan

The next step towards pro-active medical diagnostics.



Good To Know (GTK) – 2: All size, good quality, very cheap smartphone holder!

Also looking for a smartphone holder that fits your phone?!!
I found this product on Aliexpress. It’s for all sizes, good quality and very cheap!




Fun Fact of the Day – 2 ! (FFOTD)

Did you know that vegetarians fart more then meat eaters… 🙂


Just Cool! – Robinhood App: zero transaction fees for Bitcoin and Ethereum trades

Robinhood allows Bitcoin and Ethereum to be traded without transaction fees. Robinhood app has 3 million users.


Good To Know (GTK) – 1: JBL Speakers

Be aware when buying one of the following JBL speakers:

  • Flip 3
  • Charge 3
  • Pulse 2
  • The Extreme.

These speakers use the Connect function and are not able to pair with the newer ones like,

  • Flip 4
  • Pulse 3

Which use the Connect+ function.


Fun Fact of the Day! (FFOTD)

A lot of people believe mice like cheese…
But they actually do not!