Just Cool! – 5: The spoon that will never spill

A spoon that counteracts the vibrations so it will always be steady. An invention that could help millions of people suffering from Parkinsons disease!



Good To Know (GTK) – 5: Which Sunglasses for which Face ?!

You know that line from the song called, It’s a beautiful day (by Queen), that goes like,

“The sun is shining I feel good And no-one’s gonna to stop me now!” 🙂

Yeah well … till you try to find the right type of sunglasses for your face shape … 😦

But not to worry!!! Here is the poster you were waiting for to find the perfect fit!!!

Source: lifehacker.com

Just Cool! – 3: Some cool ways drones are being used today

Drone Racing!



Damage assessment



Good To Know (GTK) – 4: Poster Facts!

Take a look at the new page called, Poster Facts! Very neat posters with basic facts on todays and near future products and inventions.

Fun Fact of the Day – 4 ! (FFOTD)

During its lifetime a human being produces around 900 km of hair…!


Fun Fact of the Day – 3 ! (FFOTD)

Did you know that the most powerful man in the world, the president of the United States isn’t allowed to walk in shorts!